Willowpine Outdoors is a hunting, fishing, and outdoors company dedicated to bringing people information, entertainment, tips, and tactics on outdoor sports. We do this in person, online, and through our media outlets by sharing our stories through podcasts, videos, and photography. We aim to help increase our fans’ chances of success by sharing what we've learned through our years of experience. We want the world to know hunting and fishing is a good and safe way of life for future generations, and that they can provide healthy and tasty table fare for their families without relying on huge factory farms and corporations – and we're here to help teach them how.

Willowpine Outdoors was started in 2011 by Joey W. Buttram, simply as a graphic design and article production company providing a service for the outdoor industry through design work. Though we started as a design company, the article writing and online media work became much more popular and our readers lobbied for more.
The graphic design industry as a whole is highly saturated, so instead of wading through the competition, and at our reader’s requests, we decided to write more articles and start focusing on video, podcasts, and online media in general.

At this point, Willowpine Outdoors really dug in and gained some traction.  From 2013 to 2016, we went from a one-man graphic design company to a 16-person outfit, spread over 5 states.  Our goals soon became clear: we wanted to share our love of the outdoor with anyone willing to listen – and we soon noticed that many people agreed with our stance.

At the end of 2014, we took a giant step forward by starting The Outdoor Radio Show by Willowpine Outdoors.  The Outdoor Radio Show is a monthly podcast which discusses hunting and fishing in Indiana and around the Midwest.  We feature interviews with industry leaders, TV personalities, and legends of the industry.  We also feature prostaff and fan interviews, which is a great way to promote our team and the work we’re all doing.

Moving forward into 2016, Willowpine Outdoors has launched a video production team. Our videos mainly cover our time on the water and in the woods. In addition  we cover events such as the Indiana Deer, Turkey & Waterfowl Expo, Indiana Boat Sport & Travel Show, ATA, Indiana Fishing Expo, Indiana Hunting & Firearms Expo, Illinois Deer & Turkey Expo, and many others.  Many of our episodes focus on hunting and fishing  in Indiana, a state that is rarely discussed in fishing and is often looked over in turkey and waterfowl hunting.

In 2017 WPO dug into the Indiana walleye world by helping form and run the Indiana Walleye Anglers Association. The club was created in 2017, and has grown immensley since its inception. As we look forward to 2019, we are excited to see where the club takes us.

Overall we’re a group of like-minded individuals who harbor a passion for the outdoors.  We love teaching and sharing our experiences with everyone from novice to expert sportsmen.