1. Joey W. Buttram
    Joey W. Buttram
    Owner - Avon, IN
  2. Mark Spears
    Mark Spears
    VP - Cloverdale, IN
  3. Eli Eccles
    Eli Eccles
    Ellettsville, IN
  4. Matt LaFleur
    Matt LaFleur
    Anchorage, AK
  5. Carl Etienne
    Carl Etienne
    Brownsburg, IN
  6. John Miner
    John Miner
    Sedalia, MO
  7. Josiah Stebbins
    Josiah Stebbins
    Marseilles, IL
  8. Sunny Lindsey
    Sunny Lindsey
    Shelbyville, KY
  9. Kenny Parsons
    Kenny Parsons
    North Salem, IN
  10. Craig Hampton
    Craig Hampton
    Mooresville, IN
  11. Dave Buttram
    Dave Buttram
    Coatesville, IN
  12. Matt Badger
    Matt Badger
    Clare, MI
  13. Andy Sutcliffe
    Andy Sutcliffe
    Freeman, MO
  14. Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson
    Brownsburg, IN
  15. Nate Jordan
    Nate Jordan
    Corydon, IN
  16. Martin Tindle
    Martin Tindle
    Shelbyville, KY
  17. Cody Lane Lawrence
    Cody Lane Lawrence
    Drummonds, TN
  18. LB Atkins
    LB Atkins
    Dyersburg, TN
  19. Isaiah Noah
    Isaiah Noah
    Greensburg, IN
  20. Aaron Newport
    Aaron Newport
    Hartford City, IN
  21. Luke Isaacs
    Luke Isaacs
    Connersville, IN
  22. Justin Trego
    Justin Trego
    Parker City, IN
  23. Chad Martin
    Chad Martin
    Greens Fork, IN
  24. Kurtis Rinker
    Kurtis Rinker
    Blackford County, IN
  25. Zach Pursell
    Zach Pursell
    Owen County, IN
  26. Rick Mofield
    Rick Mofield
    Greenwood, IN
  27. Brady Jenkinson
    Brady Jenkinson
    Hartford City, IN
  28. Andy Furnas
    Andy Furnas
    Plainfield, IN
Whether you live in a green state that already has staff members, or if you're in a grey state that hasn't met Willowpine Outdoors, we want you!  If you're interested in working in the outdoor industry, have a strong passion for hunting and fishing, and want to be part of a fast-paced, growing business, give us a shout.  Contact Willowpine Prostaff Director Mark Spears to find out how.